In The Presence Of Love

“Flow, Angel, flow and let pass, do not accumulate your problems, do not feed your negative attitudes and emotions, learning to flow is your secret, it is your salvation. And when moments arrive when you allow your crisis to overwhelm you, when it seems that the structure of your world collapses under your feet and you do nothing more than lengthen your pain, be assured that this too shall pass".

Spiritual Master Judith Vasquez

Her method is of unsurpassed divine love. Her Presence heals all beings with infinite tenderness and compassion. Of practical and sharp wisdom, filled with luminous and contagious joy, she awakens tears of gratitude and higher states of spiritual mysticism.


Master Judith Vásquez utilizes a radical yet gentle approach to liberate the mind from errors of thought. In complicity with the soul of each student, she will perform a powerful surgery of the mind, permeating thoughts like a powerful sword of light leaving no remnant of the pain of the previous unconscious being.

You can attain all the knowledge, you can practice all the methods and techniques, however if there is no emotional healing, if you do not learn to manage your emotions, if you do not attend to your sense of devaluation, victimization, resentment and violence, if you do not learn to manage unconscious attitudes and immature reactions, you will not be able to ascend and light up your Body of Light. This purging process is the most important work that is being carried out in the planet presently. It is not optional and it is in full operation with every being without exception. It is not possible to achieve joy and have a fulfilled life if you do not heal yourself and learn to accept the unacceptable. That is the true practice of Unconditional Love.


From the very first day you will emerge from the illusion that has kept humanity limited toward a new consciousness and towards the certainty of a Superior form of Being, the way of the Spirit. This is a process of waking up from pain to feeling free. A path that eradicates confusion and leads to clarity of purpose as you let go of the limiting patterns that have kept you stuck in a being foreign to who you really are.

“Who are you in reality? You are the presence of God on Earth, in your natural state, you are the Angel, you are the being that is moved with an act of compassion, you are the goodness in your face, you are the smile of gladness, you are the laughter of your inner child, the innocence that doesn’t judge, the wings of your soul, the music of your heart, you are the never ending curiosity to discover and create, you are vitality, courage and passion. You are the act of giving, the gesture of the Creator...You are great and unlimited, focus then on your own greatness and it will grow”.

“Remember that your own darkness is the Light which is awaiting loving recognition from your within. Start again each time you “fail” and do not give it any thought. Be certain that the trials in your life are the face of God looking to be recognized for what they are: situations and temporary forms that are there for you to change and fix certain attitudes or fears that maintain you hypnotized to a life without meaning, a life that has made you emphasize your embarrassment and self pity instead of your true self. Be certain that the trials that confront the insecurities of your personality will slowly be understood and, after each crisis you will come out wiser and stronger each time".


Assisted by the soul of each student, Master Judith Vasquez navigates in the profound spaces of the mind, interrogating and defying its painful beliefs. One by one, negative beliefs will be faced and finally each students truth will be revealed, each becoming liberated. This is a profound training of inner strength and freedom from the tyranny of illusion and unconsciousness.

“Focus on giving the best facets and attributes of your being each time you find yourself in the presence of another. Recognize that others could use your love to alleviate the secret torment of their hearts, do not judge them. Love what you judge. They are a projection of what you judge within yourself and you will enter in harmony with your own being. Project love and light in each moment of your life. Maintain your balance with the help of your Divine Presence and you will do well in the midst of the most adverse circumstances".

“Submerge yourself with the soul and thoughts of the person you despise and your love will transform that being. Thanks to you, the person will recognize that there is another form of existing".

Master Judith Vásquez will train participants in the highest practice of Emotional Healing. It is a training toward the unlimited, toward acquiring power with the Spirit instead of enforcing power over others with a stubborn controlling attitude. This radical training allows the Ego to give in to the Spirit, to surrender to Spirit; and it is the ultimate victory. With profound understanding of the fears of Ego and its conditionings, Master Judith with drive you toward the management of your painful emotions from past and present. This is the most vital process in this era where Consciousness is being fully awakened.